Water Department

  1. About the Department

    Read about the operations of the Water Department.

  2. Conservation

    Due to times of water shortage, Le Mars asks its residents to take action and help with water conservation.

  3. Frequently Asked Questions

    Find answers to the most common questions asked of the Water Department.

  4. History

    Read a brief history of the Le Mars Water Department.

  5. Meter Installation

    Review water meter installation guidelines and know what to expect from the Water Department with regards to this service.

  6. Reports

    Check out current and past annual reports and water quality reports from the Le Mars Water Department.

  7. Resource Links

    Visit other sites to get more information regarding water safety and conservation efforts.

  8. Services

    View the services provided by the Le Mars Water Department.

  9. Staff Directory

    Peruse the staff directory of the Water Department which includes contact information for both the department and the individual staff.

  10. Water Department Codes (PDF)

    This document lists the city codes relevant to the Water Department, including information about the service system, water meters, rates, and extensions of mains and services.