Economic Development

  1. Available Buildings & Sites

    Watch and video and read more about the business and industrial parks in Le Mars.

  2. Business Resources & Services

    There are many resources available to assist businesses and help them develop in Le Mars.

  3. Skills Ready Model & Profile

    To show the availability of workers and wages in our 2 target sectors (manufacturing and logistics), online computer models have been developed for each of the 6 counties in northwest Iowa.

  4. Iowa Industrial New Jobs Training Program (260E)

    Iowa Jobs Training Program

  5. Economic Development Incentives

  6. Short Line Rail Service

  7. Regional Efforts

  8. Transportation

  9. Le Mars Comprehensive Plan

    This document is a statement of the City of Le Mars' vision for its own future and a guide to achieve that vision through the year of 2027. The view of the future expressed in this document is the culmination of the community's values, ideals, and aspirations about the best management .

  10. Housing Needs

    Executive Summary The Siouxland Interstate Metropolitan Planning Council (SIMPCO) was engaged by the City of Le Mars to provide a comprehensive assessment of housing needs for the City of Le Mars, Iowa. The composition of Le Mars' existing and future housing stock is critical to the future growth and development of the city. Maintaining satisfactory neighborhoods is central to preserving the quality of life Le Mars' residents enjoy while accommodating residential growth. This report examines the dynamics of Le Mars' housing market and reviews neighborhood conditions. It also analyzes current trends and recommends policies and actions to assure the vitality of Le Mar's housing market and existing neighborhoods.