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March 20, 2017 12:00 PM

Annual Spring Water Flushing Schedule

Cities annual spring flushing scheduled to start Tuesday 3/21/2017 weather permitting in the Northeast part of town. Around noon on Wednesday the 23rd we will start in the Northwest through Thursday. We start flushing at 8:00 AM and try to finish around 3:00 PM. Sometimes it may be later if need be so to clear up an area. The following week the 27th to 30th will be the SW part of town. I will give updates as we continue. As before customers may experience discolored water during flushing times. If you experience this run your outside hose bib if possible for a few minutes until clean or run your cold hard water tap. Refrain from using hot water during discolored water when possible. If you have any questions please call.

Thank You
Gayle Sitzmann
Water Supt.
712-305-0205 cell
712-546-4952 Fax

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