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CVB Hotel/Motel Sales Tax Funding Grant Application

  1. CVB Hotel/Motel Sales Tax Funding Grant Application

  2. It is the purpose of the Le Mars Hotel/Motel Sales Tax Advisory Board aka Convention and Visitors Bureau Advisory Board to solicit, receive and analyze any and all proposals for the promotion and encouragement of tourist and convention business in the City of Le Mars and to recommend specific action for City Council consideration as per the Iowa Code.

  3. The Iowa Code states: Revenues generated by the Hotel/Motel Tax must be allocated in the City of Le Mars as authorized by Chapter 423A.7 paragraph 4(a) and 4(b) of the Iowa Code. The revenues derived from any hotel motel tax authorized by this chapter shall be used as follows: (a) Each county or city which levies the tax shall spend at least fifty percent of the revenues derived therefrom for the acquisition of sites for, or constructing, improving, enlarging, equipping, repairing, operating, or maintaining or recreation, convention, cultural or entertainment facilities including but not limited to memorial buildings, halls and monuments, civic center convention buildings, auditoriums, coliseums, and parking areas or facilities located at those recreation, convention, cultural, or entertainment facilities or the payment of principal and interest, when due, on bonds or other evidence of indebtedness issued by the county or city for those recreation, convention, cultural or entertainment facilities; or for the promotion and encouragement of tourist and convention business in the city or county and surrounding areas. (b) The remaining revenues may be spent by the city or county which levies the tax for any city or county operations authorized by law as a proper purpose for the expenditure within statutory limitations of city or county revenues derived from ad valorem taxes.

  4. Mail or drop off completed application to: City of Le Mars, 40 Central Ave SE, Le Mars, IA 51031. Must be received by NOON on December 29, 2017. This is NOT a postmark deadline.

  5. Eligibility Checklist - Applications WILL NOT be considered if eligibility checklist is incomplete.

  6. The grant review committee gives you points for your responses, which places you in line for funding.

  7. B. Have you applied for a grant from the CVB H/M Tax Fund OR the City for this project in the past 2 years?

  8. If yes: Was it funded?

  9. Bid Sheet Attached:

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  14. (cash match must equal 30% or more of request)

  15. (must match request in Section B and Section D, Item A)

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