Fines & Late Fees

A fee will be charged per item for each day late. Items returned in the outside drop before the library opens to the public will be considered returned on the previous day. Days that the library are closed for Sundays, holidays, or weather situations will not be counted in late fees.

Late Fees

Material/Format Late Fee
Books $0.20 Per Day Late
Music CDs
$0.20 Per Day Late
Books on CD
$0.20 Per Day Late
DVDs $0.20 Per Day Late
Art Prints
$0.20 Per Day Late

Overdue Rules & Notices

  • Maximum overdue amount per late item is $10. An overdue fee will not exceed the value of the overdue book. This is not the same as a replacement charge for items not returned.
  • Fees for unreturned items will be the cost of the replacement plus a $3 processing fee. Any fines accrued will be waived.
  • Borrowers will be reminded of fines/fees owed when they check out materials.
  • Once a total of $5 in fines/fees is on an individual account, that user is blocked from borrowing materials, equipment use, and public Internet/computer use.
  • Overdue notices are sent via text or email message as soon as an item becomes overdue for those requesting this service. Those without text or email capacity may check their account status online.
  • Fine information will only be accessible to parents/guardians of minor children under the age of 17 who have signed for responsibility. Families with fines of $5 or more will be required to pay those fines before checking out materials.

Other Service Fees

Service Fee
Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
$3 Each
(3 Free ILLs per Full Access Library Card)
Fax (Sending)
$2 for first page
$0.50 for Each Additional Page
Fax (Receiving)
$0.50 for Each Page
Print and Copy (Black and White)
$0.20 per page
Print and Copy (Color)
$1 per page
Scan to e-mail $2.00 per email address
Miscellaneous (Keurig Coffee, Used Book Sale Items, Earbuds, etc.)
Subject to Change