Travel Tools

Google Maps
Google Maps is a map system that does it all. This free service offers:
  • Detailed street and terrain maps
  • Live traffic conditions for several cities
  • Robust locator tools to find addresses, businesses and places
  • Route planners for traveling by car, public transport, or walking
For those who need visual cues, Google Maps provides that too. Its fascinating Street View shows 360° panoramic street-level views, inviting users to virtually walk and explore the area. This is available in many U.S. cities and in several countries abroad. There is also a feature for those wanting to create their own maps.

Chicago Travel Guide
Traveling to Chicago? Take a look at this travel guide that offers information on restaurants, hotels, shopping, tourist attractions and more.  The password is lemars.

National Parks of the United States
This source houses a collection of dozens of long and detailed histories of the national parks of the United States, written by National Park Service (NPS) staff.

Online Conversion
This site boasts that one can convert just about anything to anything else. With 50,000 conversions and 5,000 units, it has an impressive range. It has popular conversions, such as:
  • Area
  • Cooking
  • Currency
  • Fuel economy
  • Length
  • Speed
  • Temperature
  • Volume
  • Weight
It also contains less common measurements, such as:
  • Density
  • Gauge
  • Horse height
  • Light years
  • Meeting room size needed for attendees
  • Torque
  • Women’s clothing sizes between countries
There is even a Fun Stuff category where users can find their age in dog years, convert their names into Morse code, determine their weight on Mars, and verify how many days until retirement.

Traffic Conditions
The Traffic website provides free, real-time traffic information for your daily drives and features real-time traffic and road condition information with drive time estimates. Selected metro areas feature:
  • A profile page with a NAVTEQ traffic map
  • A traffic summary with current incidents affecting traffic flow
  • Events
  • Ongoing roadwork
Main roadways are highlighted as hotspots with a numerical ranking on a 1 to 10 scale in which 1 is “clear” and 10 is “jammed.” Free registration allows users to receive newsletters and daily traffic alerts via email.

Boston Travel Guide
Traveling to Boston? A definitive guide to Boston from Dorling Kindersley will help you find well known tourist spots, restaurants, nightclubs, shopping or hotels. For a password, please call the library!

Urban Rail
Urban Rail is a resource that has grown over the course of 15 years from a site focusing on the metro system in Barcelona, to a site called “metroPlanet,” to its current incarnation with an international scope and convenient, easy-to-use maps of urban railway systems in the world’s largest cities on 6 continents. Users will mainly appreciate Urban Rail for its quick, simple maps, but the site put together by a Berlin public transportation enthusiast and historian also features practical information such as transit pricing, links, and timelines of transportation history for each rail service or line.

Egypt Travel Guide
Traveling to Egypt would be the trip of a lifetime! If that's in your plan, or you're doing research on the country, or just making plans, this Dorling Kindersley book will answer all your questions. Find the best tourist spots, restaurants, learn about the culture, find places to stay and good shopping spots. Use lemars as your password.