Best Websites for Kids

4 to Explore
This web project provides "4 to eXplore" for each topic. On each page you'll find definitions, activities, the 4 good starting points, and many more links and resources for the thematic topic.

A+ Math Practice
The A+ Math site has skills activities for all ages of students.

Films & Photos of Most Endangered Species on the Planet
Visit this archive of film and photos describing all of the endangered species.

World Countries Atlas
See the atlas of the world's countries with maps, photos, flags, history demographics and more.

The Democracy Lab
This web-based education project is designed to teach students civics and inspire them to be active participants in our democracy.

Oh Marbles
This is a classic game of marbles. Sort your collection of marbles and shoot marbles out of a circle. Play around the Marble Town neighborhood in places where any kid would shoot marbles, like grandmas house, the back yard, the park or the corner store.

Kids Astronomy
Kids Astronomy has fun games and information about the universe.

Learning Games for Kids
This website has educational games that help build skills in math, language, science, social studies, and more.

Math Games
This site offers many different kinds of math games for all ages and levels of kids.

Slime Kids
Slime Kids is an excellent website for elementary/middle school age kids with book trailers, educational games and literacy related resources.

Try Science
Experience the excitement of contemporary science and technology through on and offline interactivity with science and technology centers worldwide.

Story Blocks

Watch videos, learn fun songs and rhymes, and build readers with this educational site

Story Snoops
Discover books by more than just their covers. Created by moms, StorySnoops offers children's book reviews from a parent's perspective. Our search features identify tween and teen fiction for every type of reader. Curious about content? Our book reviews will give you the scoop! We help you find fiction that fits.

The Discovery Channel
Foster deeper engagement and opportunities for students to take charge of their own learning with high quality, engaging, relevant tools designed for today’s busy teachers and parents. Explore our programs and contests, interactive games, puzzles, lesson plans, videos and more.

Wild Earth TV
Here at Wild Earth TV you will find several windows into our wild and beautiful earth.

Between the Lions
Between the Lions has games, Stories, lions to go, video clips and everything in between to get you excited about reading!

Kids Click
Kids Click is a web search engine for kids by librarians. It includes headings in following topics:
  • Arts
  • Health and family
  • Literature
  • Math and science
  • Pets
  • Popular culture
  • Reading, writing and speaking
  • Reference
  • Religion
  • Sports
  • Weird and mysterious
Children's Butterfly Site
Discover butterflies and moths at the Children's Butterfly Site.

Atlapedia Online
Atlapedia contains full color physical maps and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.

Great Websites For Kids

The American Library Associations offers this comprehensive list of the best websites for kids.