Ambulance Service

Billing Questions
If you have questions regarding your ambulance bill, contact Angela Kneip at 712-548-4958 or via email.

Community Involvement

The Le Mars Ambulance has been active in the community for over 35 years. It is sponsored by the City and the crew works closely with Floyd Valley Hospital, Le Mars Fire and Rescue and the Le Mars Police Department.

Currently, the crew consists of 17 members averaging 15 years of service and experience. Crew members are on call for 11 12-hour shifts a month. The shifts run from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. for the day crew and 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. for the night crew. A driver and 2 additional EMTs are on call at any given time.

For those on the ambulance crew, being on call is a family way of life. It is more than a job. For all of life's blessings and challenges, working on the Le Mars Ambulance has created a close working relationship among crew members. It means having pride in helping the Le Mars community care for the sick and injured.
The director:
  • Attends city meetings
  • Files patient insurance
  • Maintains the ambulance
  • Oversees the administrative functions of the service
Bill Rosacker, Director of EMS
Training Officer
The organization has a training officer who records and maintains the members' educational records. The training officer also assists in coordinating continuing education or clinical work.

Compliance Officer

The organization has a compliance officer who audits the reports to ensure the service is in compliance with state and local protocols. A medical director from Medical Associates monitors the ambulance protocols.

The Le Mars Ambulance has been considered a provisional paramedic level ambulance service since 1999. The Le Mars crew presently consists of:
  • 5 members at the "B" level
  • 6 members at the "I" level
  • 3 members at the paramedic specialist level
  • 3 registered nurses
Calls & Meetings
The Le Mars Ambulance has approximately 45 calls a month and squad members are required to attend regularly scheduled monthly meetings.