Le Mars Community Schools

The Le Mars Community School System is a fully accredited school district. The district includes 4 kindergarten to 5th grade elementary buildings, 1 6th to 8th grade middle school, and 1 9th to 12th high school. The 2002-03 student enrollment in grades K-12 was over 2,300 students. The certified staff numbers at 160.

Elementary School
The district has implemented all day every day kindergarten programming and is committed to lowering class size at the elementary grades.

Middle School
The middle school’s mission statement of "meeting the needs of young adolescents" is being accomplished through the implementation of the middle school concept.

High School

The comprehensive high school offers a full range of academic, cocurricular, and extracurricular activities in which our students have experienced a great deal of success over the years.

Lunch & Transportation
The district provides a hot lunch program, transportation for rural students and a low cost shuttle system for in-town students, and a support staff of counselors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, speech and hearing specialists.