Main Street Program

Main Street Manager is Mary Reynolds.

The Le Mars Main Street Program began in 1995.

Mission Statement

"The mission of the Main Street Le Mars program is to maintain and improve the downtown historic character through preservation and restoration efforts, to strengthen, promote and expand the cultural and economic base of downtown Le Mars, and to market the downtown as a quality place to live, shop and invest."

Vision Statement

The future downtown Le Mars will be known for its restoration of unique buildings, friendly and safe atmosphere, and progressive attitudes.  It will continue to be our goal to maintain, regional pull power, community loyalty and a healthy variety of retail and service businesses.  The area's economic vitality will demonstrate the high quality of life enjoyed by the citizens of Le Mars.  Tourists visiting the community, because of its distinctive status as Ice Cream Capital of the World®, will be drawn to the downtown through tours, marketing/promotions and the effort of the businesses to provide exceptional customer service and products. 

A sense of unity will have been established through a strong leadership provided by the Le Mars Area Chamber of Commerce, as well as partnerships with the City of Le Mars, the Historic Preservation Commission and other local businesses and organizations.  Through these cooperative efforts the Main Street Division will continually strive to achieve a downtown that is economically strong and aesthetically beautiful.