Adult Winter Reading Program 2020

The adult winter reading program begins on January 20th and runs through March 13, 2020.

Welcome to the 2020 Adult Winter Reading Program! We are very pleased to have you on this eight week reading adventure with us! The program starts January 20, 2020 and ends on March 13, 2020.

Please register on the library’s calendar for these events. Some events will have limited seating or supplies.

Program guidelines:

  • Sign up for the Adult Winter Reading Program on the library’s event calendar.
  • Come to the front desk to confirm your registration and to receive your bingo card and program instructions.
  • Reading for this program includes books, eBooks, and audiobooks.
  • Count one book per square/category.
  • After getting a bingo, stop by the front desk to receive your prize ticket and to have a librarian initial your card. 
  • For every bingo you complete, you will receive a prize ticket to scratch. This prize ticket will reveal if you have won a small or large prize or if you are “not a winner”. If you get “not a winner”, you will receive a second chance to win by filling out the back of the ticket and placing it in the entry form box on the adult reading program display table. All tickets must be scratched and redeemed upon receiving them.
  • Return your filled card to be entered into the drawing for the blackout prize.
  • There will be materials at the display table to assist you with the special categories.
  • Activity dates and time are listed on the library’s event calendar or on your bingo card.
  • Participation in activities will earn you an orange dot to place in any square on the bingo card. Use cautiously! Only 2 orange dots allowed per line in any direction.
  • The Hot Reads Celebration with guest speaker Rena Olsen will be on March 14th from 11:00 am - 12:30 pm. Pre-registration is required due to limited seating.
  • The “not a winner” second chance prizes and blackout winner will be drawn at the Hot Reads Celebration. You do not need to be present to win.