Summer Reading Program 2020

There’s a summer reading program for every age this summer at the Le Mars Public Library!

Register online on our event calendar and print out or pick up your materials when the programs begin.

The theme for this year's summer reading program is Imagine Your Story!
Teen Summer Reading
Imagine Your Story is the theme for Summer Reading.

Summer Reading 2020 Imagine Your Story

All programs are free. 

Youth Program beings June 8 

(Teen program begins July 7; Adult program begins June 8)

How do I register a child for Summer Programs?

  • Register online from our website: or in the library at our patron search computers.

  • Paper registrations are also accepted. Registration forms are being mailed to each household in Le Mars 

  • There will be a dispenser outside the library where you can pick up paper registration forms or forms in Spanish.

  • When you register, choose the session that reflects the grade the child will be attending in the fall and fill in the requested information.

  • New this year – Math Monsters! If you want to take part in the math component, you will need to register for Math Monsters.

  • Paper registrations may be returned in either of our two drop boxes.

Is the library hosting in-person story times in the library?

  • No, story times will be prerecorded and posted on Facebook.

  • New story times will be posted weekly on the day of the week your child is registered for.  This information is also conveniently printed on your reading log.
    Toddler/PreK     Monday
    K-2                       Tuesday
    Bilingual             Wednesday
    3rd-5th                Thursday

Will there be special events during the summer reading program?

  • No. We will not be hosting special performances in to the library this year. However, the library will post an optional Facebook Quest each week.  If you complete the quest, and post a picture to the special event Facebook group, your family will be entered into a drawing for a gift certificate to a local business.

Ages 0-3: How do I receive reading logs for toddlers?

  • After you have registered, we will prepare a bag that includes reading logs with all the program guidelines and how to earn prizes. Prizes will be geared specifically for this age group.

  • Summer Reading bags for toddlers may be picked up at the library Curbside is still available if you prefer to not enter the building, just call from the parking lot when you have arrived.

Age 4 – 5th Grade: How do children receive reading logs?

  •  After you have registered, we will prepare a bag that includes reading logs, program guidelines and how to earn prizes.  If you have chosen to participate in the Math Monsters component of this year’s program all those items will also be in the bag.  

  • Summer Reading bags may be picked up at the library on or after June 8. Curbside is still available if you prefer to not enter the building, just call from the parking lot when you have arrived.

  • All registrants will receive a necklace with a Brag Tag. Additional Brag Tag can be earned as reading logs are turned in throughout the program.

  • Additional logs will be in a dispenser outside the library in addition to inside the library by Miss Shannon and Miss Lisa’s.

How do children earn and collect prizes?

  • Read! Read and record the minutes spent reading on the reading log. 

  • Your reading logs will detail what prizes you can expect to receive at specific milestones throughout the program.  Make sure to look for how to earn your T-shirt and yard sign!!

  • Prizes may be picked up only on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday.

What is Reading Royalty?

  • Reading royalty is new this year.  This is a special designation for youth participants who read more than 20 hours during the program.  Reading Royalty names will be displayed on the front windows of the library!

What is Math Monsters and who can participate?

  • An optional math enrichment packet for those interested in brushing up on their math skills, for 4 years-5th grade

  • Age appropriate flashcards will be provided to assist in the learning process over the summer. Flashcards can be traded in for other operations if needed and supply allows.

How do children register for the Math Monsters portion of the program?

  • Register for Math Monster just as you register for the Summer Reading Program. Look at the registration calendar on our website, click on Math Monsters and fill in the required information.

What do I do with my completed logs or math packet?

  • Completed logs must be placed in the drop boxes. Please allow two days between log drop-off and prize pick-up.

What happens when children turn in my completed math packet?

  • Math packets will be reviewed, corrections made if necessary, and returned to you.

What are Math Monster Minutes?

  • This is an opportunity to track the minutes you spend practicing math with flashcards or online apps or other means throughout the summer. Additional sheets may be picked up at the library.

What do I do with a completed Math packet and recorded minutes?

  • Math Monster packets & minutes should be returned in one of the drop boxes.

Do children earn prizes for participating in Math Monsters?

  • Yes, children will receive one brag tag for registering and one brag tag for a completing the packet.

  • No prizes will be awarded for Math Monster Minutes but we will by tallying all the minutes and posting the cumulative number with Yeti, our Math Monster mascot. You will find Yeti in the library’s front window!