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Customer Survey


  2. The City of Le Mars needs your help ..... All customers who complete this short survey will have a chance to win 1 of 3 $100 prizes in the form of credits on the winner's utility bill.

  3. PLEASE fill out and RETURN by FEBRUARY 21ST to be eligible for drawing!

  4. The City of Le Mars is currently under mandate by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to reduce the amount of chloride from its wastewater effluent stream. The causes of the high chloride content are raw water levels at the source and softening systems in homes and businesses. As a part of this IDNR mandate, the City must determine the number of water softening systems that exist, as well as the number that are time-based versus demand-based units.

  5. Do you have a water softener?

  6. Do you own your softener?

  7. Does your softener regenerate at the same time/same day(s) each week? (Is it time based?)

  8. Does your softener regenerate based on water use? (Is it demand based?)

  9. For questions, pleae contact: Jason Vacura at 548-4965.


  11. Thank you for participating in this survey!

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