About the Department


The Water Department has 1 water superintendent and 5 full-time water operators. The department operates and maintains:
  • Two (2) 1 Million Gallon Elevated Storage Tanks
  • One (1) 1.5 Million Gallon Underground Storage Tank
  • Over one (1) Million Gallons in Distribution System
  • A 6 MGD Filtration Plant
  • One (1) High Service Pump Station with Total of Four (4) Pumps
  • One (1) Booster Pump Station with Three (3) Pumps Run in Alteration
  • Six (6) Dakota Aquifer Wells
  • 4,662 Water Meters
  • 686 Fire Hydrants
  • Over 1,743 Underground Main Line Valves
  • Over 90 Miles of Underground Water Main

Water Treatment Plant

The Water Department also operates the water treatment plant located in the southwest part of town. This consists of:
  • Six (6) million gallon per day Iron and Manganese Removal Plant
  • Six (6) Dakota Aquifer Wells that pump from 600 to 1,400 gpms (gallons per minute)
At the Treatment and Field Service Facility Area, there is also a 1.5 million gallon underground reservoir and high service pumping station.
Le Mars Ice Cream Captial of the World water tower with a department truck parked in front of it and
Water Main Break