Meter Installation

The following guidelines will be used by the Water Department when installing a new water meter at a business or residence.

Size Determination
The Water Department Superintendent or designee will determine the size of meter to be installed at a residence or business. When requesting service or change in service, to help size the meter, a known gallons per minute use or need will be helpful. The size of the service will also be part of the determination.

Connection Fee
The connection fee will be determined on the size of the meter installed. If upgrading to a larger meter on a service line, the upgrade fee will be determined from the difference of the meter's size. The service line will also determine if a larger meter can be installed. Meter connection fees are available at City Hall or by calling the Water Department at 712-546-5555.

Hazard Survey
  • Any residence or business must do a Hazard Survey when connecting to the city distribution system to determine what type (if any) of backflow protection is necessary to protect the city water quality from any contamination.
  • Whenever any new plumbing is done, a new hazard survey must be done to determine if any potential hazard and need of protection to the city water supply is deemed necessary.
  • All hazard surveys must be reported to the City Code Officer.
  • All irrigation, sprinkler and chemical injected or blended systems connected to the city water distribution system must install and report what type of proper backflow assembly device has been installed.
  • The name of residence or business and address where they are installed is also required.
All meters will be installed in such a way for easy access and ample room for personnel to perform installation or a meter change, with a shut-off valve in close proximity on each side of the meter. All household and most business meters will be installed or changed by Water Department personnel. Depending on the nature and setting of some larger meters, city personnel will work with the businesses or business plumbers to set the meters.

All plumbing for the proper size meter set will be done prior to the city personnel arriving to install the water meter.

Confined Areas
No new application of meter installation will be allowed in pits or deemed confined space areas.