Wastewater Treatment

The Wastewater Treatment Facility is located just northwest of the City of Le Mars, Iowa with a City population of around 9,800 residents.

The primary function of the facility is to clean the used water from our residents and industries before it is returned to the river. We have more than 50 miles of sanitary sewer lines and over 11 miles of storm sewer lines in the City of Le Mars.

The Le Mars Wastewater Treatment Facility was built in 1958 with a Barscreen, Primary Clarifier, Trickling Filter and Final Clarifier. In 1967, 1978, 1986 and 1997 the facility had major renovations with smaller improvements in between.

Recent Improvements
In responding to the growing needs of the City, Le Mars started a 2-phase improvement project.

Phase 1
  • Phase 1 started in early 2003 with the building of an offsite 9 million gallon Bio Solids Storage Lagoon and Pumping Station west of the City.
  • Discharge stations along the 2-mile pipeline were put in place for economical land application of the Bio-Solids.
  • Processing equipment was rehabbed for more efficient treatment and piping was upgraded around the plant.
Phase 2
In 2005, Phase 2 began. It consisted of major electrical upgrades for added efficiency and safety. The entire facilities equipment and electrical was retrofitted to bring the plant to current and future standards. The overall process of wastewater treatment is greatly improved.

Statistical Information
The city of Le Mars has:
  • 1 wastewater processing facility
  • 8 lift Stations
  • Over 11 miles of storm sewer lines
  • Over 50 miles of sanitary sewer lines
Design Flow
  • 2.5 million gallons per day (MGD) Average Dry Weather (ADW)
  • 3.3 MGD Average Wet Weather (AWW)
  • 4.3 MGD Maximum Wet Weather (MWW)
  • 615,087,500 gallons on an average of 1.685 million gallons per day
Bio Solids
  • 10.3 million gallons produced
  • 8.2 million gallons land applied
BOD (Bio-Chemical Oxygen Demand)
  • Removal Efficiency is 99.5%
TSS (Total Suspended Solids)
  • Removal Efficiency is 97.6%