Mapping Department

Welcome to the City of Le Mars, Mapping Department Page.  The Mapping Department is located at the new Public Works Building at 800 18th Street SW.

The mission of the Mapping Department is to develop and maintain a Geographic Information System (GIS). GIS and Mapping provide a computerized link between geographic features, such as fire hydrants, and their corresponding feature specific data, such as the manufacturer, year installed, and the date of last maintenance. With this type of an informational database, City departments can more effectively operate on a daily basis and plan for the future.

GIS Mapping has one full time employee consisting of a Mapping Manager.  We are currently busy mapping the City's entire service infrastructure including all the street signs, sewer, water, and storm drain systems. Once this work is completed, our goal is to provide opportunities for enhanced information sharing between City departments, outside agencies, and the general public.

As of December 10th, 2015 the Mapping Department now does all the underground locating for the City, Which includes all Water Main, Sewer Main and the Storm Sewer System.  If you need to have locates done Call 811 or 1(800) 292-8989, or you can file online at  to send an E ticket. The City is responsible for locating only City services. Private Service lines are the responsibility of the One Call ticket owner calling it in.

Some of the Responsibilities of the Mapping Department are to:

Performs all computer operations (Word processing, Excel, Power Point, AutoCAD, WaterCad, PC Survey, Total Station, GPS, GIS, and any/all related operations)

Creates and maintains a Data Base System

Creates and Maintains a Digital Record/Storage System

Creates and Maintains a Paper Record/Storage System

Personally obtain/acquire the necessary field data using GPS and Arcpad software

Works with other City Staff to obtain/acquire the necessary field data

Work with City hired Consultants to obtain/acquire the necessary field data

Organizes all files, records, maps, drawings and information with emphasis for easy retrieval and long term keeping

Alert City Staff in each respective department of any problems or concerns that are found during collection of system information/data

General Duties of the Mapping Department

Performs all activities necessary to create, maintain, record and store all mapping required for   City of Le Mars, including but not limited to:

Public Works, Streets, Lighting, Signal Systems

Storm Sewer and Drainage System

Sanitary Sewer/Wastewater Systems

Water Distribution/Storage/Treatment Systems

Park/Recreation Facilities

Public Buildings and Facilities

Emergency Management Systems

General Mapping (Platting, Zoning, Aerial, Topo, Cemetery)

Other Mapping as required from time to time

The GIS Mapping Department hours of business are 7:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. Monday thru Friday

Contact Us

  1. James Conley

    Mapping Manager
    WaterCad V8I XM Specialist
    City GIS/GPS Specialist 

    Office/Shipping Address:
    City of Le Mars - Public Works
    800 18th Street SW
    Le Mars, IA  51031

    Mailing Address:
    City of Le Mars
    40 Central Avenue SE
    Le Mars, IA 51031

    Phone: 712-546-6883
    Cell:      712-540-4841
    Text:     712-223-5744
    Fax:      712-548-4980

     Monday - Friday
    7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
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